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CNC, Drilling Machine, Moving Column & Gantry Type

Travelling Column

Our CNC drilling machines are sensibly designed to give value for money with simple programming and operation.

We have two basic constructions – travelling column and travelling gantry to cover work of widths up to 650mm or 1800m standard machines are available in bed length from 1500mm up to 9000mm.

Programming is fast to use, without the need for reference to manuals having built-in menu lead software to calculate hole position for line, matrix, PCD patterns and skip drilling.

The machines are suitable for all types of drilling and tapping including formdrilling (thermal drilling).

Drilling operations are fast. Fixed bed design offers the opportunity to pendulum work. With a long fixed bed it is possible to drill & tap parts at one end of the table whilst load/unload is carried out at the other end, thus maximising efficiency.

Options available include tool changers through spindle coolant, tool length sensing and various work holding vices etc.

General Specification

Travelling Column TRD

TravellingGantry GRD

Drilling capacity
Spindle speed
<5000 rpm
<5000 rpm
Travel X
Travel Y
Travel Z

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