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Microtap - Intelligent tapping machines that avoid tool breakage and scrap parts by precise monitoring of tapping torque. Microprocessor controls allow quick setting of speed depth torque etc.

The machine's ability to control the process and thread condition also makes it a very effective quality monitoring system.


Microtap II G2 M0.5 - M3 in stainless steel
Speed 250 - 2200 RPM

Microtap II G5 M1 - M5 in stainless steel
Speed 250 - 2200 RPM

Megatap II G8 M2.5 - M8 in stainless steel
Speed 300 - 3000 RPM

Megatap II G14 M3.5 - M14 in stainless steel
Speed 130 - 1250 RPM

Megatap II G16 M4 – M16 in stainless steel
Speed 100 – 1000 RPM

Machines all suitable for single hole tapping or fully automated high production work. They can also be linked to a computer for full process data acquisition.

Microtap takes the worry out of tapping on CNC machines especially in small holes where lubrication failure, chips in holes, shallow or undersize holes or blunt taps can all lead to breakage and often scrapped components.

Microtap will react to all of these and stop before any damage is done, it’s tapping ability is far superior to that available on CNC machines and it is a fraction of the cost.

When you break a tap on a CNC machine you have lost the cost of the tap often the value of the component being machined and then down time while the problem is analysed corrected and the machine is reset.

Companies that use Microtap swear by them.

Display of torque used in tapping cycle

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